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Hello everyone, AGENT taco here with a small update n the project WITH A NEW SNAZZY fan art cover to look more presentable, ill submit to all the groups and have it on the update journal the link below.

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all shantae fans look at this.
Hello everyone thanks for add me in the group!!! really thanks!!!
:iconmonkeyhiplz::iconsays3plz:Hello everyone!:iconsays3eplz:

Help support Wayforward's upcoming project, Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. With five Stretch Goals remaining, donating just a dollar would help a lot. If you can't then that's okay; just help spread the word instead.… (Game Trailer)… (Donation Link)

:iconyoyobyebyeplz::iconsays3plz:Bye-bye for now!:iconsays3eplz:


The New York Times is reporting that U.S. Congress is close to approving Fast-Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (1). If this happens, it may seal the fate of the Internet by ensuring the TPP will contain the worst provisions -- including Internet censorship -- that are being pushed for by industry lobbyists and some of the same people who authored SOPA and ACTA (2).

The situation is critical, but fortunately, we found a weakness in their plan.

Click here to find out how to help.

World leaders and corporate lawyers are meeting in Singapore right now to finalize the TPP. New documents released by Wikileaks just yesterday reveal that the U.S. is bullying other negotiators and refusing to budge on positions that restrict Internet freedom and acces s to medicine (3). Top U.S. officials are desperate to get Fast Track passed before the end of the year because they know if it fails, they’ll lose their best bargaining chip, and won’t be able to force the other countries to comply with their outrageous demands.

Here’s what’s awesome, though. Despite what the New York Times reported, we’re hearing from people in DC that there’s a good chance that corporate cronies in Congress don’t really have enough votes to get Fast Track approved for the TPP. It's going to be really, really close.

There’s no time to lose -- we need to shut this thing down right now before Congress goes on break and our attention is diverted. Click here to get the tools to fight the TPP.

If we flood Congress with emails and phone calls right now, we have a very real chance of stopping Fast Track. And experts on global policy have said clearly that if that happens, the entire TPP agreement could fall apart, and the worst aspects of it -- like Internet censorship -- would certainly be off the table.

There’s so much to hate about the TPP -- which is why everyone from libertarians to labor unions are joining forces to stop it. It would allow corporations to sue governments in secret international courts (4). It would decrease access to medicine (5). And the chapter published by WikiLeaks last month showed us that the TPP is like a Christmas wish-list for the RIAA, MPAA, and other corporate lobbyists. It resurrect s some of the worst parts of SOPA, like forcing ISPs to police the Internet, and it would push extreme copyright regulations onto other countries without expanding protections for free speech.

Time is running out, but if we can stop Fast-Track, we can stop the TPP for good. Are you in?

If you’ve already signed the petition, call Congress. Most importantly, forward this email to as many people as you can, and share on social media:

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Thanks team. These trade agreements die hard -- it’s an amazing moment in history that we even have a chance to stop this one. We’re honored to have you on our side for the battle.


-Evan, Tiffiniy, and Holmes

Fight for the Future

P.S. If your Representative is among the 151 Democrats and 22 Republicans who signed letters to Obama opposing Fast-Track, you can help by sharing this petition on Twitter and Facebook. We need to keep the pressure on, and convince more members of Congress that a vote to Fast-Track the TPP is as politically toxic as a vote for SOPA would have been.


1) New York Times, “House and Senate are Near Deal to Speed Trade Pact.”

2) Techdirt, “US TPP negotiators accused of bullying ; refusing to budge on ridiculous IP and corporate sovereignty demands.”

3) International Business Times, “New Leaked TPP Documents: WikiLeaks Reveals US Exerting ‘Great Pressure’ For Consensus On Intellectual Property, Other Issues During Secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks.”
4) Public Citizen, "More Power to Corporations to Attack Nations"
5) Doctors Without Borders, "Access to Medicine in Grave Danger as Trans-Pacific Partnership Talks Continue"

Thanks for including my art in your gallery.

Link to PayPal for Shantae.
All Shantae lovers!!!  The campaign to fund Shantae Hal-Genie Hero is not over.  The Kickstarter page has a link to PayPal  which will be open for several more months.  You can donate as much as you like through that until it ends.  Help reach the rest of the stretch goals.  (More game chapters, voices for the characters, and even video cut scenes)
Hey thanks a lot for add my work! Hope to do more Shantae fanarts soon! >w<! :heart:
Generalsupertoad Sep 29, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist…

Risky Mode has been funded, but we've still got a long way to go. Any Shantae Club members who have not been able to get a pledge in, do it now and give WayForward all the support you can. =D
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